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A New Museum with Two Exhibition Sites

The Museo d’arte della Svizzera italiana (MASI Lugano) is the product of the unification of the Museo Cantonale d’Arte and Museo d’Arte, both these public institutions have been active in the city of Lugano for many decades.
The unification project between the two institutions was initiated in order to respond to the new development requirements of the museums which, since 2012, have been working under a common artistic direction.
The creation of MASI offers benefits in terms of resource optimisation but will also add considerable strength to museum projects, allowing greater flexibility as regards both the programme and use of the available spaces.

MASI’s work is undertaken concurrently over two locations: the main site is now located within the new LAC building, while the second is in the more traditional setting of the Palazzo Reali, previously home to the Museo Cantonale d’Arte.
At the LAC, the develops over three floors, with a total surface of 2,500 m2. The lower floor will host the permanent collection, with the remaining 1,820 m2 dedicated to temporary exhibitions. Within these spaces, MASI will focus on Twentieth Century and contemporary art, in all its diverse forms of expression and techniques. As well as those artists whose work is already capable of being interpreted through a historical perspective, attention will be given to young and emerging talents, to current and future themes of art and society, also through inter-disciplinary exhibitions in collaboration with the theatre and music departments of the LAC. 

The three floors of the Palazzo Reali building, which dates back to the Renaissance, offer an exhibition area of around 900 m2. In these spaces, MASI will concentrate on the region’s history of art, exploring the values of core pieces from the collections.