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LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura Main partnerPartner principale


MASI shares the values that LAC has identified for itself as well as for the cultural institutions which it hosts, and which shape its content: 

  • Culture as a Common Good. The Museum regards artistic heritage as a common and collective good, and aims to guarantee its full accessibility and usability.
  • Commitment to the Region. The Museum has a responsibility and commitment towards society’s cultural growth.
  • Public Mandate. The Museum’s actions are oriented toward an efficient and ethically aligned management of resources, with a full awareness of the implications of its public role.
  • Quality, Creativity and Innovation. The Museum pursues quality without compromise and promotes creativity and innovation, paying particular attention to new generations. 

In addition to its roles in safeguarding, research, preservation and growth of the artistic patrimony, the museum, through its cultural actions, aims to support experimentation, comparison and respect, whilst investigating the themes and issues of today’s reality.