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And Now the Good News

28.05 – 15.08.2016

MASI LACExhibitions

Works from the Annette and Peter Nobel Collection

The newspaper is probably one of the objects which better characterises the spirit of modern life. From the mid-19th century, everyday life has been articulated around daily newspapers and their images. On their pages we build our relationship with the flow of time and world affairs: events may become ever-more minuscule and insignificant, until they dissolve into oblivion or, on the contrary, assert themselves as defining moments of an epoch, historical landmarks. It is therefore not by chance when, amid the ever-closer intertwining between art and life begun by the artistic movements at the start of the 20th century, the newspaper becomes one of the favourite subjects of linguistic experimentation, used by artists, now as then, to question reality. The artistic use of printed material, whether as subject, support, as an element of the composition or conceptual reference, is the foundation for an extraordinary collection gathered by Annette and Peter Nobel during the final quarter of the last century: starting from paintings, drawings and collages by representatives of Cubism, Dadaism and Surrealism - Braque, Arp, Schwitters, Miró and Giacometti - through representatives of the neo-avant-gardes of the 1960s such as de Kooning, Warhol, Beuys, Boetti, Christo and Polke, it reaches right to the present day, including some of the major representatives from the current artistic scene, including Muntadas, Kentridge, Signer and Muniz. Comprising a wide selection of works belonging to the collection, the exhibition display which blends social narrative, contemplative reflection, political criticism, phenomenological enquiry and ironic subversion, represents an exciting opportunity to reflect oan the evolution of artistic languages from the beginning of the 20th century until today and on the history of today’s reality. 

A look at the Annette and Peter Nobel Collection

Absolutely unique, the Collection comprises 1500 works which the Nobels have collected starting from the 1980s. A lawyer, law professor and head of his own law firm in Zurich which also concerns itself with jurisprudence applicable to the media and communication, Peter Nobel together with his wife, Annette, collect works that have the press as their common denominator. The Annette and Peter Nobel Collection has been published in two volumes entitled "Press Art" (Stämpfli Verlag), edited by Christoph Doswald: the first volume was published in 2010 while the second was published this year on the occasion of the exhibition housed at MASI in Lugano. Important and significative selections of works from the Nobel Collection were exhibited at the Centre Dürrenmatt in Neuchâtel in 2007 and again in 2010 at the Museum der Moderne in Salzburg and at the Kunstmuseum in St. Gallen.

The catalogue

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue of the same name published by Edizioni Casagrande containing the colour illustrations of all of the exhibited works, the critical texts of the two curators, Elio Schenini and Christoph Doswald, the texts of the French philosopher Jean Baudrillard and the Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn, and the preface by the Director of the Museum, Marco Franciolli.

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