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13 december

MASI Palazzo Reali

Curated by Cristina Sonderegger

Press conference
Friday December 13th
10.15 am

Friday December 13th
6 pm

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Main partner MASI Lugano
Scientific Partner

Palazzo Reali

A new venue for MASI

ExhibitionsMASI Palazzo Reali

Following over three years of closure due to major renovations, MASI’s venue in Palazzo Reali is reopening to the public with a presentation of the Museum's collection. The reopening formalises an important achievement, offering MASI a new exhibition setting in addition to the LAC venue, in an architectural space characteristic of historic buildings. Palazzo Reali will host exhibition projects dedicated to the Collection as well as to international and Swiss artists, that do not require wide spaces but are more suited to an intimate and historical venue.

The exhibition: Palazzo Reali. A new venue for MASI
The ground floor hosts a presentation of the history of both the institutions that led to the creation of MASI in 2015, the Museo Cantonale d'Arte and the Museo d'Arte della Città di Lugano. The upper floors' eight rooms and two corridors contain instead as many thematic focuses, linked to specific historical periods, artistic currents and artists. The portrait, the Symbolism, the return to order, the photography, the Expressionism, are just some of the insights that articulate the exhibition path.

Arp Jean / Berta Edoardo / Boldini Filippo / Camenisch Paul / Carrà Carlo / Casorati Felice / Chiattone Antonio / Ciseri Antonio / Crivelli Carlo / Feininger Lux / Felixmüller Conrad / Feragutti Visconti Adolfo / Funi Achille / Glarner Fritz / Henri Florence / Hodler Ferdinand / Kauffmann Angelika / Maestro di Lonigo / Meletta Carlo Agostino / Messina Francesco / Mola Pier Francesco / Neuhaus Werner / Ozenfrant Amédée / Palmezzano Marco / Petrini Giuseppe Antonio / Previati Gaetano / Richter Hans / Rinaldi Antonio /  Rizzoli Giovanni Pietro / Rodari Tommaso / Toroni Niele / Rohlfs Christian / Romanelli Mariano d’Agnolo / Rossi Luigi / Schawinsky Xanti / Scherer Hermann / Schmid Wilhelm / Scorti Marco / Serodine Giovanni / Sironi Mario / Stanzione Massimo / Taeuber-Arp Sophie / Vassalli Luigi / Vela Vincenzo