What’s New?


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Franz West, Untitled, 2011, papier-mâché, card, acrylic lacquer and steel, 250 x 170 cm

The Collezione Giancarlo e Danna Olgiati in Lugano presents What’s New?, recently acquired artwork by established artists alongside the artwork of young rising talents of the international art scene. What’s New? includes paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs that highlight the fundamental dialogue between the avant-garde movements of the early 20th century and the contemporary art of today, in an immersive journey spanning over a century, punctuated by surprising in-depth studies. The 34 exhibits are presented in separate chapters.

Featured Artists
Stefano Arienti / Francesco Arena / Gabriele Basilico / Irma Blank / Huma Bhabha / Piero Dorazio / Jimmie Durham / Natalia Goncharova / Wade Guyton / Mona Hatoum / Luisa Lambri / Francesco Lo Savio / Filippo Tommaso Marinetti / Fausto Melotti / Ana Mendieta / Zoran Mušič / Henrik Olesen / Gabriel Orozco / Damian Ortega / Shirin Neshat / Alessandro Piangiamore / Nathlie Provosty / Gerhard Richter / Pietro Roccasalva / Remo Salvadori / Rudolf Stingel / Niele Toroni / Andro Wekua / Franz West

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