Accra/London/Lugano | Art meets Music in Honour of James Barnor

Thurs 14.07.2022

"I’d like you to listen to my band’s music, you will be taken to another world; a world I’ve lived in for a long time" James Barnor

James Barnor is an outstanding photographer whose work has only recently been discovered and celebrated. In addition to photography, Barnor has a passion for music. Barnor founded a band of young musicians in Ghana, which he accompanied on tour in Italy in 1983 as part of an anti-apartheid campaign. At the age of 93, James has a dream: to bring his band and his art together in one place. The MASI Lugano, which currently hosts the largest exhibition of his work, has tracked down the leader of the original band - Kotey Niikoi will dedicate to Barnor, together with his current band, a vibrant and rhythmic concert, playing Obonu drums. The music composed by Niikoi is influenced by various traditional West African styles, including palm music and traditional drum rhythms, and jazz harmonies. On the same evening the exhibition at Palazzo Reali will be open to visitors for free and James Barnor will be available for a one-to-one meeting via zoom.

Kotey Niikoi was born and raised in Accra, Ghana, in childhood he began to study traditional musical styles. Niikoi is a multi-instrumentalist who plays acoustic guitar, bamboo flute (Atenteben), bass, various types of traditional drums, including Kpanlogo, Obonu, Gome, and percussion. The music composed by Niikoi is influenced by various traditional West African styles and jazz harmonies.

In this occasion, it will be possible to freely visit the exhibition "James Barnor: Accra/London - A Retrospective" from 6pm until 8pm.

At 7pm there will be a free guided tour of the exhibition (suggested booking).

From 7pm to 8pm there will be the chance to talk online directly with James Barnor himself!

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