MASI Lugano Podcast

Letztes Update 10.07.2023

The MASI Lugano Podcast explores the current exhibitions and collections of the Museo d’arte della Svizzera italiana. Artists, curators and contemporary cultural figures recount the behind-the-scenes of a museum and the themes and choices of the exhibitions, along with anecdotes and fun facts about the artists’ careers and lives, their techniques and unique practices. It is a new space for a fascinating story about art told by multiple voices.

Episode 1

When we think of old photographs from the 1930s, we immediately conjure up a visual repertoire of black-and-white landscapes, streets and portraits. However, the Swiss photographer Werner Bischof was already thinking in colour at a time when it was reserved for advertising catalogues, cartoons and American blockbusters, all products of consumer society.

In this episode the recent discovery by Werner’s son, Marco Bischof, of a series of unpublished colour photographs provides the opportunity to revisit the golden years of photography, the Magnum agency and the Swiss photographer’s life, career and avant-garde technique.

The first episode of the MASI Lugano Podcast is presented by Nabila Dolfini and produced by Ryan Jay’s Recall Sound Production.

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