MASI aims to be an inclusive cultural venue for all visitors and is committed to making art accessible to people with disabilities, encouraging their participation in cultural life through “barrier-free access to places, services, products and activities, which allow everyone to live autonomously and with self-determination”, as recommended by the Swiss Museums Association.

The Fondazione Informatica per la Promozione della Persona Disabile (FIPPD) of Lugano has a designated member of staff designated to the museum to coordinate and promote accessibility and inclusion for all members of the public through visits and events.

Many projects have been launched in partnership with local institutions and associations to allow visitors easy access to MASI’s exhibitions. To learn more about them, please visit:

- "Anch’io LAC" project
- "Scintille" project
- Museum tours for the blind and visually impaired
- Sign-language videos of the collection’s works