Palazzo Reali venue

MASI Palazzo Reali
via Canova 10
6900 Lugano

+41 (0)91 815 7973

Palazzo Reali is an historic series of buildings located in the centre of Lugano. The premises were donated by Secondo Reali to Canton Ticino and it was later inaugurated as the seat of the Cantonal Art Museum in 1987.

These are probably the first buildings built after the mid-1400 period on the current Via Canova (formerly named Via Castello), an area rich in artistic heritage. The restauration completed in late 2019 has made it possible to preserve and revitalize the historical and architectural profile of the buildings, while simultaneously enabling them to respond to the exhibition needs of the museum in complete safety.

The museum’s total surface area of 900 m² is spread over three exhibition floors which accommodate both its permanent collection as well as temporary exhibitions of local and international artists.