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Single visitors and groups

MASI can arrange guided group visits in Italian, German, French and English on request, with the aim of making the discovery of artworks on display even more engaging and informative. Free guided tours for individual visitors are available on Sundays and on the first Thursdays of each month.


MASI offers guided tours for middle school, high school and university students with the aim of promoting cultural heritage education and making the museum experience more interactive and accessible. All learning experiences, studios and workshops are developed in conjunction with LAC’s cultural mediation service as part of the LACedu programme ( )

LAC edu

MASI welcomes all visitors; children, families, students, teenagers, individuals and groups. Together with LAC’s cultural mediation service, we propose a wide range of immersive, educational and fun activities with every new exhibition. These include creative workshops for children and schools and in-depth customized ...


MASI aims to be an inclusive cultural venue for all visitors and is committed to making art accessible to people with disabilities, encouraging their participation in cultural life through “barrier-free access to places, services, products and activities, which allow everyone to live autonomously and with self-determination”, as ...