Manor Award Ticino 2022


Established by Philippe Nordmann in 1982, the Manor Award is one of the most prestigious and coveted awards of the Swiss contemporary art scene and one of its most effective means of promotion. Active in 12 Swiss cities and regions, the award is aimed at artists under 40 active in the various fields of the visual arts. Assigned every two years, the award aims to introduce the public to the work of relatively unknown young artists, boosting their artistic career. In addition to a grant of 15,000 Swiss francs and the purchase of an artwork, the winner of the Manor Award also receives a solo exhibition accompanied by the publication of a catalogue.

The Premio Manor Ticino, active in the region since 2005, is among the many ventures supported by MASI to encourage and promote the local art scene. In the past, the award has been assigned to the following artists: Andrea Crociani (2005), Davide Cascio (2007), Matteo Terzaghi and Marco Zürcher (2009), Pascal Schwaighofer (2012), Samoa Rémy (2014), Marco Scorti (2016) and Vera Trachsel (2018) and Marta Margnetti (2020).

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