Silvano Repetto
Useless Projections


Silvano Repetto, Performance inutile n. 2505.
Going to get a log for the fire 200 km away from home
©2020 Silvano Repetto

In a world increasingly based on efficiency, productivity and the optimization of time, Silvano Repetto's actions are a nod to the nonsense of the Dadaists and remind us that not everything has to have a rational reason.
His performances, which he himself defines as “useless”, are intentionally impossible missions, acts of which no trace nor history remain, other than in his stories or his photographs and videos of himself.

He does not seem interested in those which might be achievable because, according to his system, it is precisely un-achievability that legitimizes the performance and ensures its success. Repetto uses humour to present playful visions based on sudden inspirations that overturn the logic and obviousness of things, without intending to offer intellectual or symbolic interpretations.

Silvano Repetto, Performance inutile n. 4004.
Playing hide-and-seek alone in a wood in central Switzerland
©2020 Silvano Repetto

For the MASI online exhibition, Silvano Repetto has documented his Performance inutili by recording them as short videos. Hitherto immortalized as photographs, subsequently transformed into series of postcards, the artist has created a new filmed version of ten new performances, presented here for the first time.

The artist uses his performances to create a “short circuit” able to break down intellectual barriers and provoke astonishment, inviting viewers to enjoy art without fear of revealing its uselessness but, on the contrary, declaring the importance of things that have no use, following in the footsteps of illustrious predecessors. Repetto’s utility of the useless lies precisely in reminding us that, as the Italian philosopher Umberto Galimberti stated, “You either stop in front of something that is useless, yet has value in itself, or the whole chain of utility has no meaning!”.

Performance inutili


Silvano Repetto, Performance inutile n. 2707.
Mowing a huge lawn with a nail clipper
©2020 Silvano Repetto

Performance inutili


Silvano Repetto, Performance inutile n. 4400.
Trying to become a fossil in the space of a minute
©2020 Silvano Repetto

Silvano Repetto, Performance inutile n. 5555.
Talk to a big boulder
©2020 Silvano Repetto


Silvano Repetto

Silvano Repetto was born in Mendrisio in 1968, and lives and works in Lugano. He studied Decorative Arts at the CSIA (Centro Scolastico Industrie Artistiche) in Lugano and subsequently attended the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, from which he graduated in 1992.
Since the 1990s, he has taken part and “not taken part” (in true Repetto style) in various exhibitions, the most recent of which include Il Respiro dell’arte at Palazzo Ducale, Genoa (2020); the Milan Triennale (2018) with the video installation entitled L’ospite inatteso; the 14th edition of the documenta international exhibition in Kassel (2017) with his performance Io resto fuori; the Armory Show in New York (2017) with the performance Esserci o non esserci; the Fama/Fame exhibition at Art Lab at the ASC Studio, London (2015); and the Museo d’Arte di Mendrisio (2015) with the installation Videoelemosina.

Silvano Repetto also works as a director and producer. In 1993, he founded the IFDUIF Video Festival, an acronym of Il Figlio Di Ubaldo Il Falegname, and his own eponymous production company, IFDUIF Film.