Partner und Sponsor

Main Partner

Credit Suisse

Art helps us focus on the essential while provoking thought. This is why Credit Suisse has been supporting a selection of leading cultural institutions for over 40 years. Switzerland’s museums attract tens of thousands of visitors with their extensive collections and paramount exhibitions each year. It is particularly important for large, world-class museums, such as MASI Lugano, the Kunsthaus Zürich, the art museums in Berne, Basle and Winterthur, and outstanding, regionally-significant institutions such as the Pierre Gianadda Foundation in Martigny and The Hermitage Foundation in Lausanne, to be able to rely on committed partnerships to continue attracting visitors with the necessary financial support.

Credit Suisse has been the main partner of MASI since its foundation, confirming its historical commitment to art in Lugano, which it commenced in 1992.

Institutional Partner

Federal Office of Culture (FOC)

The Federal Office of Culture (FOC) promotes a varied, high-quality cultural offering, along with favourable conditions for cultural organizations and operators. Through its awards policy, the Confederation recognizes the achievements of Swiss culture and aims to draw national and international attention to its merit.

Since 2018, MASI is one of 13 Swiss museums selected to receive federal level funding by the FOC until 2022. By signing this agreement, MASI has committed itself to promoting cultural participation and social cohesion, to furthering creation and innovation, and to conserving the Museum’s collection.

Scientific Partner

IBSA Foundation for scientific research

For the IBSA Foundation, the dialogue between art and science is a creative way to popularize scientific knowledge. Art, in all its forms, is a powerful communication tool, and is also very useful in describing scientific research. Scientists look at the world with an objective and rational eye, but it may also be viewed through a different lens, reflecting the feelings, perceptions and emotions generated by artistic depictions.

The partnership between MASI and the IBSA Foundation for scientific research was born from "La Scienza a regola d’Arte", a series of encounters between leading figures of the worlds of art and science. It has developed into a partnership, with the Foundation working alongside the Museum to create new activities based on the intersection of art and science, and supporting specific exhibition projects in the role of Scientific Partner.



Repubblica e Cantone Ticino

Città di Lugano


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Technical Sponsor

  • Rapelli
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  • Fondazione Lugano per il Polo Culturale
  • Dipartimento dell'educazione, della cultura e dello sport
  • Ernst Göhner Stiftung
  • Georg und Josy Guggenheim Stiftung
  • U.S. Embassy in Switzerland and Liechtenstein