Palazzo Reali Venue

A journey through Western art from the 15th century to the present day is what the new exhibition at Palazzo Reali offers, featuring works entirely from the MASI Collection.

The exhibition is arranged in different sections: the ground floor hosts photographs, installations and sculptures by leading figures of the Swiss art scene - from Jean Tinguely to Valentin Carron and Annelies Štrba, the first floor is devoted to an extensive focus on painting, with works from the 16th to the 20th century. The contrast between black and white is the thematic thread around which the exhibition Black or White. Works from the Collection 1935-2021 is played out.

Ground floor:
Valentin Carron / Roberto Donetta / Thomas Schütte / Annelies Štrba / Jean Tinguely / Niele Toroni.

First floor:
Edoardo Berta / Umberto Boccioni / Carlo Bossoli / Alexandre Calame / Filippo Carcano / Luigi Conconi / Joos de Momper / Aldo Feragutti Visconti / Filippo Franzoni / Gioachimo Galbusera / Ercole Graziani il giovane / Karl Heilmayer / Ignoto bergamasco / Maestro di Lonigo / Giuseppe Mentessi / Georges Michel / Pier Francesco Mola / Marco Palmezzano / Giovanni Pietro Rizzoli, detto Giampietrino / Tommaso Rodari / Mariano d’Agnolo Romanelli / Salomon van Ruysdael / Seguace di Carlo Crivelli / Giovanni Serodine / Cesare Tallone / Paolo Troubetzkoy.

The first floor of Palazzo Reali is dedicated to painting and offers an exploration that goes from works of the fifteenth century, through the seventeenth-century paintings of Serodine and Mola, and the landscape and symbolist painting of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, to the pre-Futurist work of Umberto Boccioni.


Featured artists:

Edoardo Berta, Umberto Boccioni, Carlo Bossoli, Alexandre Calame, Filippo Carcano, Luigi Conconi, Joos de Momper, Adolfo Feragutti Visconti, Filippo Franzoni, Gioachimo Galbusera, Karl Heilmayer, Ignoto bergamasco, Maestro di Lonigo, Giuseppe Mentessi, Georges Michel, Pier Francesco Mola, Marco Palmezzano, Giovanni Pietro Rizzoli, known as Giampietrino, Tommaso Rodari, Mariano d'Agnolo Romanelli, Salomon van Ruysdael, follower of Carlo Crivelli, Giovanni Serodine, Cesare Tallone, Paolo Troubetzkoy.

The exhibition Black or White. Works from the Collection 1935–2021, hosted on the second floor, offers an overview of the collection in five themed areas linked by the contrast between black and white. Featured artists include Monica Bonvicini, Lucio Fontana, Giulio Paolini and the duo Bertozzi & Casoni.

Cover image:
Roberto Donetta (1865-1932), Four little girls among plants, 1900-1932. MASI Lugano, Collezione Cantone Ticino


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