The MASI Foundation

MASI Lugano (Museo d’arte della Svizzera italiana) was established in 2015, when two long-standing Lugano museums - the Museo Cantonale d’Arte and Museo d’Arte della Città di Lugano – merged.


Thanks to its strategic position, at this cultural crossroads between the north and south of the Alps, MASI Lugano has quickly become one of the most popular art museums in Switzerland.


In its two venues – the modern LAC cultural centre and the historical Palazzo Reali – MASI hosts /presents a packed programme of temporary shows and ever-changing exhibitions devoted to the works in its collection. It offers a wide range of mediation activities in multiple languages, upholding the values of inclusion and accessibility. MASI is committed to providing a participatory, engaging museum experience for all. Its artistic scope is expanded by its partnership with the Giancarlo and Danna Olgiati Collection - part of the MASI circuit – which is entirely dedicated to modern and contemporary art.

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