Ticino in the Spotlight. Artists in Italian-speaking Switzerland


Countless tales entwine the cultural landscape of Ticino. For centuries, romantic notions of its natural beauty, its Mediterranean climate and its “Italianità” have not only drawn visitors to this canton but also enthralled artists. A constant stream of rich and diverse artistic approaches flow through and shape the cultural landscape of Ticino. Such diversity is due in large part to its unique geographical setting. Situated entirely to the south of the Alps, it has, over the course of centuries, developed a close cultural proximity to Italy, where many artists from Ticino have studied and worked. The rise in tourism to Switzerland during the 18th and 19th centuries has also left its mark on Ticino, making it an increasingly iconic subject of picturesque landscape portrayals.


Now, the Graphische Sammlung ETH Zürich presents a selection from its own holdings showcasing the highlights of creative activity in and around the canton of Ticino from the 17th century to the present day.


Curated by Saskia Goldschmid, Graphische Sammlung ETH Zürich


Concurrently, the Museo d’arte della Svizzera italiana (MASI) in Lugano is hosting the exhibition “From Albrecht Dürer to Andy Warhol. Masterpieces from the Graphische Sammlung ETH Zürich” (10.9.2023-07.01.2024).