Until 17.03.24, MASI Lugano will be hosting the work Landschaft am Salève, painted around 1915 by the Swiss artist Albert Trachsel. Displayed on the first floor of MASI (in the LAC venue), as part of the exhibition "Sentiment and Observation. Art in Ticino 1850-1950", the work is temporarily standing in for the painting San Pietro by Alberto Giacometti, which will be on show at the Aargauer Kunsthaus from 27.01.24 to 20.05.24, in the exhibition "Augusto Giacometti. Freiheit | Auftrag".

Born in Nidau in 1863, Albert Trachsel is one of the leading Swiss painters of his day. An extremely versatile artist, he was also an architect and writer. In Landschaft am Salève, a landscape that was also dear to his friend Ferdinand Hodler, flowing brushstrokes lead the viewer's gaze from the steep inclines of Mount Salève (near Geneva) to the gentle hills in the background. The foreground is divided into clearly defined horizontal stripes, detailed with trees and slow shrubs, and the sky above is worked in luminous pastel shades. While in line with the style of late 19th century Symbolism, Trachsel presents an extremely original approach to landscape painting.